A homely feeling in rental apartments
A quite unique setup. A feeling of homeliness in rental apartments all over the world that can be yours within a day and for as long as you would like. Blueground has eliminated the difficulties of moving and created homes that are ready to live in with furniture from SOFACOMPANY.

Location: San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles,
Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, London, Paris, Istanbul, Athens, Dubai
Project completed: 2020 | Category: Rental apartments | Areas: Living rooms 

“Our collaboration with SOFACOMPANY makes a huge impact in our apartments, in terms of design aesthetics, quality and comfort. We really do enjoy working together.” 
Arzu Eralp, Head of Product Design at Blueground 

Surveys show that it can take up to 8 weeks or more to find, furnish and set up a new place to call home, but in more than 3000 rental apartments in 12 cities around the world, Blueground has made it possible for people to start living within a day. Blueground has a team of real estate experts, designers, engineers, travelers, operations specialists, hospitality professionals and locals with a vision of making people feel at home wherever they choose to live.

But how do you make rental apartments feel like homes? You team up with SOFACOMPANY. Arzu Eralp is Head of Product Design at Blueground and she explains why they chose SOFACOMPANY:

“SOFACOMPANY is one of our major suppliers for upholstered furniture and we did a great collaboration in such a short time. We also enjoyed that SOFACOMPANY too prioritized design alongside quality and durability,” she says.

In the infancy of the partnership, SOFACOMPANY invited Blueground to their factory in Vietnam to show them where and how the furniture is made.

“SOFACOMPANY’s high quality production facility in Vietnam is quite impressive; all the details and diligence through the production process have been remarkable. Our visit to the production facility was a solid start,” Arzu Eralp tells.

SOFACOMPANY has furnished the living rooms in collaboration with Blueground, and now they are planning to expand the selection to bedrooms as well.

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Blueground & SOFACOMPANY make rental apartments feel like homes

Together with Blueground, SOFACOMPANY helped furnish rental apartments all over the world, creating the feeling and aesthetics of true homeliness from day one for new tenants.