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Hotel Britannia

A unique experience in the heart of Esbjerg
Danish design, gourmet dining, and luxurious lounging. These are some of the ways you will be pampered at the
boutique Hotel Britannia on the Danish West Coast. With the help of Brik Indretning and some hand-picked furniture
from SOFACOMPANY, Hotel Britannia has become the ultimate setting for relaxation.

Location: Esbjerg, Denmark | Project completed: 2020 | Category: Hotels | Areas: Lounge area and hotel rooms

It’s the best collaboration we could wish for
Interior Designer, KarenMargrethe Petersen

Established in 1965, Hotel Britannia has a long tradition of incorporating high-quality Danish design. From interior to
exterior – design has always been a focal point, and that’s why Hotel Britannia has chosen to team up with Brik Indretning,
using several of SOFACOMPANY’s designs in their latest renovations.

A mutual love for creative thinking, craftsmanship, and attention to detail is what sets the tone for the partnership, and
according to interior designer KarenMargrethe Petersen, a greater match couldn’t have been made:

“It’s the best collaboration we could wish for,” she says.

Much like SOFACOMPANY, Hotel Britannia is a product of innovation and passion. Seeking to offer one-of-a-kind
experiences, Hotel Britannia believes less is more and that a unique personal touch can leave a lasting impression. This also
applies to their decor.

According to KarenMargrethe Petersen, the price point and delivery time were vital factors when she and her partner,
Briddi Egsgaard, chose to collaborate with SOFACOMPANY.

“The most important reason was having so many possibilites when designing the furniture,” the interior designer says.

Together, Brik Indretning and SOFACOMPANY have created beautiful furniture solutions for both lounge areas and hotel
rooms of Hotel Britannia, providing guests with total comfort wherever they are.

”We have a good feeling about the result. The customers seem happy too as they often ask about the furniture,” the interior
designers adds.

Palle Storinggaard, Owner/CEO at Hotel Britannia was also quite satisfied with the collaboration:

“The choice to incorporate SOFACOMPANY’s furniture has been truly great. They complement the hotel’s decor so nicely
and really capture the history of the building,” Palle Storinggard says.

By focusing on a local yet distinctive feel in their approach to the decor, the exclusive boutique hotel has managed to
stand out and create an unforgettable experience on the Danish West Coast.

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