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Prince Antwerp

Next level student housing
Imagine student housing but only upscale. Where the usual scenario of mismatched furniture is replaced by
sustainable living with jaw-dropping views and stylish interior design. That’s Prince Antwerp. And
SOFACOMPANY’s own Astha sofa is right up there, offering royal comfort to future students.

Location: Antwerp | Project completed: 2021 | Category: Student housing | Areas: Common rooms/individual rooms

The combo of furniture and decoration fell into place and the
total picture is exactly what we had in mind.
Fie De Maeyer, stylist and co-founder of Homiez design & styling

Prince Antwerp is a new take on student housing that aims to lift the experience to the next level – and in this case – up to
13 floors above the ground. Placed in central Antwerp, Belgium, this tower offers single and communal rooms overlooking
the city and with a focus on inclusive and sustainable living. All envisioned by project developers I love Life & Xior Student
Housing and furnished by Homiez design studio.

But how did SOFACOMPANY end up contributing to Prince Antwerp? Fie De Maeyer, stylist and co-founder of Homiez

“We were looking for a classic sofa with a modern twist that would fit each type of room. 
We have been using sofas from Sofacompany in our stylings for a few years now, so our first choice went directly to you
guys. And it seemed that ‘Astha’ was the perfect fit for this project.”

The studio already furnished the sky lounge, rooftop terrace, lobby, study area, meeting rooms and kitchens. And for now,
the first 10 of the total 156 rooms, which are waiting for their first inhabitants to make them their home. That of course was
part of their challenge – to make furnished student living stylish as well as easy to maintain: 

“As students are coming and going it was very important that the cushions would be removable and washable. Comfort,
quality and the right look were key!”, adds Fie De Maeyer and continues: “From our contact in Antwerp we were sent
through to SOFACOMPANY in Denmark. Nothing but praise for the employees, who provided us with the right information,
a quick response and a good deal on the large quantity of sofas we were buying. A new collab was born!”

All 156 rooms have been booked for the new school year in September. We can’t wait to see the tower come alive and
enhance the lives of students from Antwerp and beyond. But until then, we’re thrilled to have helped make Fie de Maeyer’s
vision come true: “Beautiful, comfy and luxurious rooms where any student will feel at home easily!”

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