An office just like home
With a little help from SOFACOMPANY, private equity house Procuritas turned their busy office space around. Now their Stockholm address offers a calmer and more welcoming atmosphere that makes the employees long for a trip to the office.

Location: Stockholm | Project completed: 2021 | Category: Offices | Areas: Offices, conference room, lounge, recreational area.

"It makes such a difference with the new furniture and extra lighting in the conference rooms. A more harmonious, modern, and personal touch."
Heli Westermark, Executive Office Assistant

As we gradually settle into our post-pandemic lives, focusing on a healthy work-life balance seems more relevant than ever before. That in turn has influenced interior design and how we arrange ourselves in the workplace.

At SOFACOMPANY we have found that the work-part of our lives can be vastly improved by adding more softness to office interiors with rounded shapes and gently tactile fabrics. That is exactly what our Danish design team did at Procuritas’ offices in Sweden.

First up, SOFACOMPANY’s Head of Design, Line Nevers Krabbenhøft flew to Sweden to meet with Procuritas and get a better feeling for the location and the team:

“She interviewed the staff about their wishes and took a lot of photos. Then she presented her ideas of how to re-furnish and design our office areas”, says Heli Westermark, Executive Office Assistant at Procuritas.

“Her photos were quite an eye-opener that made us realise how badly we needed to clean our desks and common surfaces. We found most of her ideas very good and did not need to spend much time discussing what to implement.”

The resulting look combines the richness of cognac-hued leather, soft blue velvets, and gentle greys to create a professional and warm expression. The addition of poufs, rugs, cushions, and soft upholstery further underlines the welcoming atmosphere, making it a more cosy place to be:

“Due to the pandemic, we have not had many visitors yet but those who have seen the new furniture have liked it and referred to it as more harmonious, modern and with a personal and homely touch,” says Heli Westermark.

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