Danish Design proudly produced in Vietnam

When our founders Cathrine and Christian started their journey, they knew this can only be done with a reliable, high quality production plant that is strategically well located for materials sourced from various countries and future customers sitting all around the world.

Vietnam has a long-standing history of craftmanship. For decades, building high quality furniture by hand has been passed on from one generation to the next, and today the Vietnam is renowned for its craftsmanship.

Cathrine and Christian were fortunate enough to have a well-established network in Vietnam, and therefore they sought out to find a long-term reliable partner. They were in luck, and found it in the Hoang family, who to this day runs the factory where our sofas are carefully and skillfully built. 

Today the production plant employs over 1.000 local craftsmen and is an important employer in the region offering a continuous growing amount of jobs to the local community. We are proud of our excellent and reliable workforce in Vietnam which is why we want to give back to the community by financially supporting local schools and social establishments like children’s homes.

In Vietnam, there is a well-established culture of furniture manufacturing. There is an enormous pride that goes in to each hand built piece of furniture, which is clear both in terms of the final look and feel, but also in the quality.

This year, we will be celebrating 12 years of close collaboration.