Creating together

What if we told you, that anything is possible? That we can create the furniture you need but can’t find? 
Well, together with our talented Design Team, anything can happen.


 Looking for something different?

At SOFACOMPANY Professional, thinking a bit differently is part of our DNA. And why settle for less when ideas go big? That’s why we put our skilled Design Team at your full disposal, whether you’re bringing completely new ideas to the table or want to customise something from our existing assortment. Like we said; anything is possible. Want proof? 

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High-quality materials

All our furniture is created using high-quality materials. But choosing the right fabric is an especially important part of any customisation process, defining the total design aesthetics of your furniture. Which is why we have an almost infinite playground of high-quality swatches for you to choose from and to secure the longevity of your projects. Explore our many fabrics and learn more about quality.

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How we assemble the furniture

Step 1

Frame & legs. All visuel wooden parts are made from solid wood according to the customers wish, painted, smoked, stained or natural.

Step 2

Inner frame. The inside construction is made from solid pinewood, with a lifetime guarantee.












Step 3

Webbing. The webbing or nozag springs insures a comfortable seating.



Step 4

Foam. We produce the foam at our own factory, so we easily can adjust the comfort for any market.  

Step 5

Dacron. Dacron covers the foam, for a smoother surface and a softer touch and helps to prevent wrinkles in the fabric.

Step 6

Cover. We deliver our sofas in a large variation of textiles or leather according to the customers wish. We also supply most textiles as FR.


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6. Delivery