84  cm


73  cm

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Designed by

Malene Lillelund

Graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture Malene loves the creative proces from beginning idea to finished design. Her style is simple and Scandinavian which she combine with inspiration from contemporary trends. When creating furniture she focus on good craftsmanship, materials, colors and details. Malene designed Vivi, Flynn, Lexi and Faye.

Allie lounge chair

EUR 390-, excl. VAT

The Allie armchair has a fresh and exclusive look with a plump silhouette. The sleek legs combined with the voluminous body give it a familiar and delightful lounge look. From a distance, Allie resembles a simple and elegant chair. Close-up, an array of details have been added: double seam, sleek metal legs and graceful curves.

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Prices and customisation

With our Allie lounge chair prices begin at EUR 390,- á piece (excl. VAT) in Cat. 1. Price variations occur depending on the selected materials and customisation category.

Cat. 1 - EUR 390,- excl. VAT

Cat. 2 – EUR 415,- excl. VAT

Cat. 3 – EUR 441,- excl. VAT

Cat. 4 – EUR 509,- excl. VAT

Cat. 5 – Price according to specifications

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73  cm
84  cm
77  cm


Package quantity
Package 1
50 x 86 x 78 cm, 24 kg

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