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Designed by

Nikoline Tryde Hølund

Nikoline is an educated upholsterer and that truly shows in her design where focus lies in good craftsmanship, materials and details. She strives to combine aesthetics and functionality in the best way. Her style is Scandinavian and modern, with clean lines and a touch of the past. Nikoline has designed the REM daybed. 

Flora lounge chair

EUR 444-, excl. VAT

Our beautiful Flora lounge chair is perfect for the small living room, but also as an extra lounge chair in the hallway, the kitchen, the bedroom and even the bathroom for en exclusive feeling. The design is organic in its expression with curvy shapes and soft lines.

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Prices and customisation

With our Flora lounge chair prices begin at EUR 444,- á piece (excl. VAT) in Cat. 1. Price variations occur depending on the selected materials and customisation category.

Cat. 1 - EUR 444,- excl. VAT

Cat. 2 – EUR 471,- excl. VAT

Cat. 3 – EUR 499,- excl. VAT

Cat. 4 – EUR 572,- excl. VAT

Cat. 5 – Price according to specifications

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79  cm
83  cm
78  cm


Package quantity
Package 1
59 x 85 x 80 cm, 22 kg

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