84  cm


73  cm

93  cm


Designed by

Katrine Bjørn

Katrine has the ability to connect the surroundings and to create harmony as well as contrast through her design. With great focus on aesthetics and the product details Katrine is especially inspired by eye-catching expressions. And to her, the essence of designing furniture is to make them act as a defining and inspiring element in the home, yet without neglecting the need for the functional and the comfortable in everyday living.

Babette lounge chair

EUR 452-, excl. VAT

Babette is a beautiful lounge chair with true statement. The design is soft and round, and the chair has a discrete swivel function so you can marvel at its elegant design from every possible angle.

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Prices and customisation

With our Babette lounge chair prices begin at EUR 452,- á piece (excl. VAT) in Cat. 1. Price variations occur depending on the selected materials and customisation category.

Cat. 1 - EUR 452,- excl. VAT

Cat. 2 – EUR 483,- excl. VAT

Cat. 3 – EUR 514,- excl. VAT

Cat. 4 – EUR 597,- excl. VAT

Cat. 5 – Price according to specifications

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73  cm
84  cm
93  cm


Package quantity
Package 1
76 x 86 x 95 cm, 30 kg



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