The Circle modular sofa is, well you guessed it; a circle. It's bold, different, organic – and a bit of an icon. The design is fairly simple and soft with a hint of something organic. But at the same time it's a sofa with a truly sculptural appearance you wont find any other places – and a sofa that can turn anywhere into a place like no other.


How to combine Circle

Circle might be the perfect modular sofa for lobbies, for hallways and for those brief in-between moments with coffee and a laptop. But wherever being located, we guarantee that it will make quite the scene. Use the 2-seater module that Circle is to make a full circle facing out, a wave to cut down the middle of any room or just by itself as a spacious lounge chair for one.


The modular sofa Circle

Customise Circle in any way possible
Maybe 360 is just what you where looking for. Or maybe your Circle needs some slight alterations before getting there. Either way, let us just say that absolutely everything is possible. Everything? Everything. The fabric, the colour, the legs – blimey, even the shape of the sofa body itself. A slightly higher backrest? You got it. A 4-seater instead of a 2-seater? No problem. Just let us know, and we'll make it work between you and this true wonder that Circle is.

Why choose a modular sofa like Circle?
Yes, why exactly? It’s actually very logical and kind of stating the obvious, but a modular sofa (such as Circle) makes it easy to change the style and function of the sofa continuously. Whenever the need for change occurs and the setting suddently requires your sofa to be able to go from big to small and back again. See it as the perfect puzzle, that has no final image. Brilliant, right?

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