Nora is quite a unique and modern modular sofa with its soft, curvy shapes. An organic design that dares to challenge the traditional perception of the sofa as a very square thing. But the really unique part of Nora and her curves is that it's possible to combine the modules into a sculptural wave. If that's not true statement – we don't know what is.


How to combine Nora

Nora is the go-to modular sofa for those in the need of a sofa that's a bit beyond the usual squared one. But it's not all waves and curves. The straight side modules makes it possible to get the function of a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa, but with a slightly more rounded feel and look. The curvy chaise lounge modules can be used either separately as a, well, chaise lounge or they can be put together to make a small sofa with extra deep ends. Nora can also be built as a large half circle with either straight ends or deep chaise lounge ends.


The modular sofa Nora

Customise Nora in any way possible
Maybe a wave floating its way through the room is just what you and your project needs. Or maybe Nora could use some slight alterations before getting there. Either way, let us just say that absolutely everything is possible. Everything? Yes, everything. The fabric, the colour, the legs – blimey, even the shape of the sofa body itself. A slightly higher backrest? You got it. A slightly deeper seat? No problem. Just let us know, and we'll make it work between you and this unique sofa piece that Nora is.

Why choose a modular sofa like Nora?
Yes, why exactly? It’s actually very logical and kind of stating the obvious, but a modular sofa (such as Nora) makes it easy to change the style and function of the sofa continuously. Whenever the need for change occurs and the setting suddently requires your sofa to be able to go from big to small and back again. See it as the perfect puzzle, that has no final image. Brilliant, right?

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