Vincent is the ultimate lounge floater. Luxurious in that irresistible Italian way, extra comfortable and also a little lower and deeper than most of our sofas. All in all the total floater experience served with utter modern elegance. Streamlined and a nice mix of heaviness and lightness in the design.


How to combine Vincent

Okay, so we said that it's the perfect floater sofa, but really it’s entirely up to you if you want to go big or keep it small. Because Vincent can do both. Turn it into a classic 2-seater or 3-seater sofa with or without a chaise lounge, a large sofa with chaise lounge in both ends, turn the corner module into the best lounge chair or go wild with a double chaise lounge situation (there's always an excuse). Perfect for lounge areas – and for making a lounge out of any area.


The modular sofa Vincent

Customise Vincent in any way possible
Got a lounge and need to fill it with the ultimate dreamboat of a lounge sofa? Or maybe just in the need of unexpected lounging moments anywhere possible? Either way, let us just say that absolutely everything is possible. Everything? Everything. The fabric, the colour, the legs – blimey, even the shape of the sofa body itself. A slightly higher backrest? You got it. A slightly deeper seat? No problem. Just let us know, and we'll make it work between you and the luxurious Vincent.

Why choose a modular sofa like Vincent?
Yes, why exactly? It’s actually very logical and kind of stating the obvious, but a modular sofa (such as Vincent) makes it easy to change the style and function of the sofa continuously. Whenever the need for change occurs and the setting suddently requires your sofa to be able to go from big to small and back again. See it as the perfect puzzle, that has no final image. Brilliant, right?

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