What we're all about

In 2012 our founders, Christian & Cathrine Rudolph, set out to challenge the furniture industry by creating high quality design at honest prices. This was and continues to be our mission in everything we do. We handle all steps in the process and deliver our products directly from our factory. That way our concept removes any non-value-adding links from the supply chain - and the savings are considerable. Just like the sofa is a crucial part of our company’s DNA, it is also an invaluable asset to any home.

It offers us a relief from our busy lives when we lounge, chat with our loved ones or curl up with a good book. In recent years the sofa has also become the ideal piece for offices and public spaces, creating a warm and more informal atmosphere wherever it goes. With today’s job market becoming increasingly flexible and multi-facetted, hard work is often combined with changing settings and soft seating. And we can definitely help you with that.

A solution for Professionals

At Sofacompany Professional our core values remain the same as always. We still believe that high quality design should be available at honest prices. Now, our concept is tailored to match all of the other professional requirements too.

Naturally there’s a big difference between making furniture for domestic and commercial use. That is why we created Sofacompany Professional based on our successful concept but with a few important twists. Our commercial use furniture complies to all contract requirements such as durability and fire safety standards. Furthermore we are able to offer even more flexibility. Owning the whole furniture production chain makes us so agile that aside from our standard furniture collection (using contract grade fabrics of course), we can offer customised solutions, as well as the possibility for our customers to design their own furniture.


At present we have more than 20 showrooms in several countries. We deliver furniture all

over the world with our dedicated global contract team. That way even more people can

have beautiful design at honest prices.

Showroom Locations

Denmark: Copenhagen, Ringsted, Odense and Aarhus

Norway: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim

Sweden: Stockholm  and Gothenburg

Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich

Switzerland: Zurich and Bern

Netherland: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Arnhem

Belgium: Antwerp

Poland: Sopot

South Africa: Cape Town and Johannesburg

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City

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