Material guide


SOFACOMPANY’s textile suppliers will ensure that the sub-contractors meet the requirements regarding dyes and other chemicals used in the textiles and the demands from the end-customer.

All textiles are tested by Bureau Veritas, SGS or TÜV prior to shipment.

All textiles are evaluated and contra-tested in-house before allowed into production.


SOFACOMPANY purchase all leather from Italy through one single supplier guaranteeing cooperation with only the best European tanners. This is to ensure that all tanning, dyeing and surface treatments are fully compliable to any legislative requirements and is tested accordingly before shipped from the tanners.

All leather is evaluated and contra-tested in-house before allowed into production.


SOFACOMPANY use high resistance polyurethane foam (HR) in our sofas.

The foam is purchased from our partner in Vietnam, who will test all foam productions bats in their in-house test lab.

Quarter-yearly, the foam is contra tested in a test lab audited by official external test labs of either Bureau Veritas, SGS or TÜV.


All our fibre filling is produced locally.


The FR-treatment and FR-level depend on the materials in question, how the materials are used and the legislative regulations unique to the specific country in which the furniture is sold.

Our QC and compliance management team will counter test the design approved by the customer and make an overall approval and testing plan for the furniture as well as manage all documents regarding.

All FR-testing is done by external testing labs of either Bureau Veritas, SGS or TÜV.


SOFACOMPANY uses only wood from sustainable sources.

If possible FSC certified wood will preferably be used. The furniture frame will then consist of FSC certified solid pinewood from New Zeeland or FSC certified Eucalyptus/Acacia plywood from Vietnam.

Should FSC certified wood not be available or if the customer specifically requires another type of wood, such as rubberwood etc., wood from planted forests and re-claimed wood can be allowed in our production, as long as all requirements comply with EUTR restrictions and can be approved by SOFACOMPANY.


All metal frameworks are produced and coated by our partner in Vietnam, the factory is under Swedish management and certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by Intertek.


All adhesives used for upholstery are water-soluble. Water soluble adhesives are also used for fastening laminate and veneer onto the wooden components.


All elements and components (lacquer, paint, plating, etc.) are uniquely created for our production, and our QC compliance management team will approve and contra test any surface treatments with the assistance of external testing from either Bureau Veritas, SGS or TÜV.