Dining pouf

With our IT by SLS dining pouf prices begin at EUR 280,- á piece (excl. VAT) in Cat. 1. Price variations occur depending on the selected materials and customisation category.

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EUR 280,- excl. VAT
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About IT by SLS

IT by SLS is a dining pouf, which is a combination of a pouf and a dining chair. IT dining puf is new, proactive and different. It’s a “statment piece” that doesn’t compromise on functionality and comfort. The size and comfort makes it the ideal stool for dining, the walk-in, the entrance or as a beautiful sculpture in the bedroom. The metal tube is covered with soft aniline leather which embraces the soft upholstery, and works both as a handle and a lumber support.

52 cm
52 cm
58 cm

Product specification

Height58 cm
Width52 cm
Depth52 cm
Seat height47 cm


Package quantity1
Package 161 x 54 x 54 cm, 10 kg, 0,18 CBM

Category prices - depending on material

Cat. 1 – EUR 280,- excl. VAT

Cat. 2 – EUR 308,- excl. VAT

Cat. 3 – EUR 322,- excl. VAT

Cat. 4 – EUR 336,- excl. VAT

Cat. 5 – Price according to specifications

Designed by

Søren Le Schmidt

Søren is a recognized and rebellious designer, who is first and foremost known for his graphic and minimalist designs in his own name. Søren has a background as a tailor and has a great respect for good craftsmanship. He has always been fascinated by furniture and decor and he loves to challenge himself creatively. His style is masculine and rigorous - and always with an attention to detail, features and not least good materials. Søren has designed the sofa CHILL by SLS and dining pouf IT by SLS.