A new way of thinking

Our home is our sanctuary. A place we long for after a never-ending day. A place for winding down and
kicking back. A place where you can be just you – whether that be in sweatpants or glitter. And who’s there
to always welcome you? The sofa. Whatever life brings, whoever drops by, the sofa’s always there. At the heart of it all.

Which is why we decided to put a lot of heart into ours. Designed in Denmark, made by skilled hands,
directly to you from our own factory. And at a democratic price, because everyone deserves to feel great at home.

SOFACOMPANY – We make everywhere feel like home

What we’re all about

In 2012 our founders Christian and Cathrine Rudolph set out to challenge the furniture industry. Until then, high-quality design at low prices was hard to come across, and when the prices were in fact low – so was the design aesthetics and the quality of the materials used. Their idea was then to offer high-quality design at fair prices, thus challenging the way we buy design furniture. 

How we make it possible

Creating high-quality design at fair prices continues to be our mission affecting everything we do. And for this to come true, we carefully handle all steps in the process and deliver our products directly from our own factory. Such a concept removes any non-value-adding links from the supply chain, breaking down the costs. Controlling the entire production chain furthermore makes us so agile that we can offer customised solutions to fit any surrounding and any need.

We make everywhere
feel like home

The sofa is no longer reserved for the private home only but has become a centrepiece in offices, public spaces and hotels as well, evoking a warm, informal and more homely atmosphere wherever situated. But in a professional setting, one cannot assume a “one size fits all”-approach, which is why our SOFACOMPANY design team is here to help bring your ideas to life through unique customised solutions.

“We chose Vietnam as the place for our production, because it is known for its well-established tradition for furniture making passed down through generations, resulting in an enormous pride that goes into each hand-build piece of furniture.”

High-quality production

To succeed with a concept such as ours, you need a reliable, high-quality
production and extremely skilled craftsmen. And all of this, Christian and
Cathrine Rudolph found in Vietnam and the Hoang family, who to this day
still run the production at our factory, where our furniture is skilfully build
by more than 1.000 local craftsmen. But there is more to it than just
craftsmanship. Proud of our workforce, we show our utmost gratitude by
supporting local establishments such as schools and orphanages.

A sustainable future

We decided to make SOFACOMPANY sustainable and carbon-neutral, inviting us to rethink everything as we go. From furniture parts to materials, transportation, durability and the production itself. From solar power at our factory, support of carbon offset projects and environmental NGO’s to developing new furniture fabric made out of biodegradable and sustainable materials. But being a sustainable company is a state of flux, and we intend to keep improving in every way possible towards a shared sustainable future.

“A sofa can’t change the world. But it’s our firm belief that every
step we take towards a more sustainable future, others will be
inspired to follow.” – Henrik Andersen, CEO