3,5 seater sofa

With our Kenta 3 seater sofa prices begin at EUR 1.399,- á piece (excl. VAT) in Cat. 1. Price variations occur depending on the selected materials and customisation category.

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EUR 1.599,- excl. VAT
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About Gloria

Gloria is a lounge sofa with a very industrial and exclusive design, especially evident in the combination of the rounded corners of the sofa body and the chromium-plated sled base on each side. The design of Gloria is one of contrasts – the soft materials against the hard, the voluminous cushions against the slender steel curves, and how these clashes come together to create a sense of harmony.

A bit of a statement sofa if we were to say so ourselves.

266 cm
94 cm
68 cm

Product specification

Height 68 cm
Width 266 cm
Depth 94 cm
Seat height 42 cm


Package quantity 2
Package 1 Package 1: 72X136X97 CM, 40 KG, 1,9 CBM
Package 2 Package 2: 72X136X97 CM, 40 KG, 1,9 CBM

Category prices - depending on material

Cat. 1 – EUR 1.599,- excl. VAT

Cat. 2 – EUR 1.759,- excl. VAT

Cat. 3 – EUR 1.839,- excl. VAT

Cat. 4 – EUR 1.919,- excl. VAT

Cat. 5 – Price according to specifications

Designed by

Katrine Bjørn

Katrine has the ability to connect the surroundings and to create harmony as well as contrast through her design. With great focus on aesthetics and the product details Katrine is especially inspired by eye-catching expressions. And to her, the essence of designing furniture is to make them act as a defining and inspiring element in the home, yet without neglecting the need for the functional and the comfortable in everyday living.