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Enso District Hotel

A new generation of hospitality in Knokke-Heist

Welcome to a serene and elegant ambiance created by open spaces and Enso’s signature style and colour palette. You’re surrounded by warm hues, modern textures, sophisticated accents – and carefully selected furniture from SOFACOMPANY.

Location: Knokke-Heist, Belgium | Project completed: 2023 | Category: Hotels | Areas: Hotel rooms

Enso District Hotel is a brand-new hotel, located in the heart of the vibrant new city centre of Knokke-Heist, Duinenwater in Belgium. The city combines nature with urban culture, just like Enso seamlessly merges serenity and relaxation with modern style, bold textures, and state of the art in-room technology.

And as the icing on the cake, Enso chose furniture from SOFACOMPANY to ensure both comfort, functionality, and aesthetic beauty for their guests. Each piece enriches the ambiance of Enso while still expressing the SOFACOMPANY love for design. In this way, we come together in creating spaces and rooms that feel like your home away from home.

Great collaboration creates great results

This harmonious alliance didn’t occur by accident. It’s the result of a fruitful collaboration between SOFACOMPANY and Enso District Hotel. The Key Account Manager from SOFACOMPANY was able to support Enso District Hotel in realising their vision of creating an environment where design, comfort, and quality walk hand in hand.

“We fell in love with SOFACOMPANY’s unique blend of quality, style, and comfort when visiting their showroom in Antwerpen, and we were promptly connected with a Key Account Manager, who was able to suggest some perfect pieces and fabrics for our vision, based on our mood board.” Tine Vanparijs says.

The result? A hotel experience that ensures total relaxation in a serene and elegant atmosphere with beautiful decor.

And next time you’re in town, why not stop by Enso District Hotel? Sink into a SOFACOMPANY armchair and unwind. Trust us, your journey just got a whole lot more comfortable.

And speaking of comfortable… Our showrooms for sure are cosy, but you don’t have to visit one to start a fruitful collaboration with us. At SOFACOMPANY, we are always passionate about meeting the needs of our customers to help make their visions come true – just like we did with Enso District Hotel. So don’t hesitate to reach out and let the journey begin today.

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